4Roots September Newsletter

September 2023

Welcome Growponics

Growponics’ Rotating Field System is a hydroponic circular platform that utilizes a unique rotating design to optimize plant growth. It ensures efficient use of resources, faster growth rates, and precise control over a plant’s environment.

It is suitable for growing a variety of crops, stackable to maximize growing space, and highly automated, making it a sustainable and efficient way to grow crops.

Growponics uses hydroponic growing techniques, Nutrient Film Technology (NFT) and Vine Film Technology (VFT), which offer various benefits such as reduced water usage, better nutrient uptake, and increased crop yields. VFT combines NFT with vertical farming for even more efficient use of space.

NFT uses floating trays of crops placed at an angle above a water and nutrient solution reservoir. The water and nutrients are continuously pumped into the highest point on the trays, where they irrigate the plant’s roots and then flow back down into the reservoir for recirculation.

Giving Back

Thank You to Our Local Partners!

We are grateful to our local farm partners: Wish Farms and R.C. Hatton Farms!

Wish Farms donated 66,560 pounds of fresh strawberries to those impacted by Hurricane Idalia in hard hit Levy County as well as Central Florida community partners. R.C. Hatton’s donation of 8.400 pounds of corn. Last month also supported our Central Florida neighbors.

Community partners like Wish Farms and R.C. Hatton are making a difference by providing fresh produce to those most in need. Thank you!

Fresh by 4Roots Farmer Spotlight

In the heart of Lake County, nestled among the Dora chain of lakes and surrounded by a rich farming community, lies 4 Girvins Farm, a small but thriving family-owned farm. Established as primarily a homesteading dream, it quickly grew into much more than that…with a lot of love, determination, and hard work, this 5-acre homestead has transformed into a working farm and is now a haven of sustainability, harmony, and community. 4 Girvins Farm was founded by Bernadette and Charles Girvin, first-generation farmers with a deep-rooted love for nature and a vision to cultivate a more connected and sustainable way of life.

Looking Ahead

GFG Solutions Sprout Sprint + 4Roots Harvest Festival

One Month Away!

Join us to celebrate the beauty of the season and bring the community together to build solutions for a better food future. For more information about the Harvest Festival or to register for the 4k runclick the link below.

Event sponsorships are still available. For questions or more information, please email Tamara Dempster at tamarad@4rootsfarm.org.

COWS ‘N CABS | 11.11.23

Grab your boots and cowboy hat and come out for a wonderful evening of live music and food, celebrating local community and helping others. Sponsorships are still available. LEARN MORE…

Buy your tickets NOW before they sell out!

October is National Farm to School Month

October is National Farm to School Month, a time to recognize the work that is being done across the country to connect students to local food and farming. Whether you’re a school administrator, educator, food and nutrition services worker, farmer, parent, or local food supporter, here are a few ways you can join us in celebrating Farm to School this month:

  1. Bring agricultural education into the classroom with lessons and activities. 
  2. Plan or host a field trip at a local farm or farmers’ market.
  3. Establish a school garden. Start small. Run a taste test with the produce you grow. 
  4. Conduct a cafeteria food waste audit and discuss waste-reduction strategies with your students.
  5. Advocate for bringing more locally-grown foods into school meals.
  6. Check out the National Farm to School Network for resources and events happening in your area.
  7. Spread the word. Hashtag #4rootsfarmtoschool on social media to share what you’re doing to celebrate! 

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