Cypress Trees Repurposed

May 2022

Dr. Philips Charities, the community builder behind The Packing District, donated nearly $20,000 in cypress lumber to 4Roots. The cypress was collected from the land the new city park and the 4Roots Farm Campus are being built on. 4Roots plans to use the repurposed wood for fencing, raised bed construction, and interior mill work on the Farm Campus, including cabinets like the ones depicted on the left of the photo. We appreciate the generosity of Dr. Phillips Charities and their recognition of this unique opportunity to support our mission of sustainability!

What’s New On The Farm Campus?

As we shared last month, we have been working on the connection to John Young Parkway at our entrance. We are pleased to share this work is almost complete. We are also in the final stages of back filling and preparing the internal roads on the campus and the greenhouse building pad.
For more information on the 4Roots Farm Campus, visit our website or follow along on Facebook and Instagram.

Making An Impact

Students from The Rollins College Social Media Marketing for Impact course led by Professor Dan Prudhomme, recently partnered with 4Roots to apply what they’ve learned in class to develop strategies for 4Roots that better utilize our social media channels to drive awareness, engagement, and ultimately impact.
The 4Roots team presented to the students at the beginning of the course, and the students visited the 4Roots headquarters for a field trip several weeks later, before eventually presenting their recommendations to our team as part of their final project. Thank you to all of the students!

Thank You

The Mead Family Foundation awarded Feed the Need with $20,000 to further our mission to build a better food system. Feed the Need gathers excess produce from Florida farmers to distribute fresh groceries and prepared meals to students and families in need. We appreciate the generosity of Mead Family Foundation! For more information on Feed the Need or to sign up to volunteer, please visit our website at

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