Reverse Demand Model

Program Overview

4Roots’ Reverse Demand Model is designed to aggregate fresh produce purchases and direct them to support regional farms. 4Roots has a network of 51 farms that provide fresh, responsibly grown produce.

  • Fresher produce that travels a reduced distance from the field to consumption
  • Reductions in overall food waste due to reduced time from harvest to consumption
  • Reductions in our carbon footprint by reducing miles food travels from field to consumption
  • Economically supporting our region and its farmers
  • Similar costs for produce ordered through this program vs. produce from other channels
  • Seamless ordering/delivery systems
  • Farmers, at their discretion, provide 4Roots a nominal rebate based on sales volume through this program to support its work in Building Healthier Communities by Unearthing the Power of Food

Thank You to our Participating Buyers:

  • 4R Restaurant Group
  • AdventHealth
  • KPMG
  • Orlando Health

Program Impact


lbs of produce run through this program