Four Eco-Friendly Costume Ideas for a Spooktacular Time

Halloween is just around the corner, and we’re all ready for candy, fall fun, and, most of all, Halloween costumes. This year, instead of buying a single-use costume, consider making an innovative and eco-friendly costume. We’ve gathered some inspiration for costumes that can easily be made by recycling materials already in your home.

Cardboard Costume Ideas for an Eco-Friendly Halloween

A little cardboard can go a long way. With some paint, scissors, and other craft supplies, the Halloween costume and prop ideas are endless. But the most classic recyclable-friendly DIY Halloween outfit has got to be the robot costume. Pair those leftover delivery boxes with some silver paint to create a classic and eco-friendly costume!

Spare Fabric: Upcycled Costume Creations

Before throwing out a stained shirt or pants that have been outgrown, consider reusing them to design a one-of-a-kind zombie costume. This costume can make old clothes last a little longer and give them use for one more time. Another ethical costume option is the mummy. Repurpose old sheets or towels by cutting them into strips to piece them together into an unforgettable fun look that is to die for.

Soda Bottles: Craft an Out-of-This-World Astronaut Costume

Recycle two old plastic soda bottles to create a jet pack that is out of this world! Creating a jet pack with sustainable materials is a fun way to DIY a unique and fun astronaut costume.

Paper Bags: Transforming Grocery Bags into Halloween Magic

Give your paper grocery bags a second life. A Frankenstein mask is simple and easy to make by repurposing a single paper bag. To create this monster look, cut out eyes, add details with a sharpie, and then wear the new mask for a scary good time.

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