Edible Weeds

As time continues on we continue to look for more healthy food sources in the most unexpected places. Did you know on planet Earth there are over 320,000 plant species? And some of these are weeds that many people think don’t have much value. Did you know that some of these are edible? These plants have unique flavors and are a fascinating part of our ecosystem. Here are a few weeds that we would like to highlight.


(Parietria – Cucumber Weed)

Also known as Pellitory Up Against the Wall is edible and uncooked it tastes like cucumber. The leaves have a fuzzy texture and are a great addition to a salad. Cooked, it has a bland flavor and can take on whatever seasoning it is cooked in. It has been rumored to be an allergen for some people.

Spanish Needle

(Bidens Alba)

The leaves are edible and quite nutrient dense. They can be eaten raw, but are great primarily as a cooked green. It is one of the top 3 pollinators in Central Florida, producing those white flowers just about year-round. It is a great nectar supply for bees, butterflies, and more, which means that it is great to have around other food-producing plants that need pollination to increase food production.