Welcome Dr. Monica Aggarwal to 4Roots

February 2022

4Roots is thrilled to welcome Dr. Monica Aggarwal to our team as Medical Director for the Culinary Health Institute (CHI) on the 4Roots Farm Campus.

CHI will be devoted to the study of food as medicine. The CHI team will follow a crop from when it’s a seed to when it is prepared on a plate for consumption and study the various ways that can affect an individual’s health.

Dr. Monica will be responsible for developing and implementing the mission of CHI with a focus on clinical application, nutrition research and education.

Dr. Monica’s dedication to health through food will be a vital asset to the 4Roots Farm Campus. Welcome, Dr. Monica!

Contractor Selected For Education Building

H. J. High Construction has been chosen to construct the Education Building on the 4Roots Farm Campus. 

The two-story 7,700-square-foot building will include indoor/outdoor classrooms and be a zero-energy building generating all of its energy through roof-mounted solar panels. 

The Education building will provide a dedicated space to teach the community how to build and cultivate a sustainable food system, including farming, culinary medicine, soil health and the use of food science in order to improve the overall health of the community.

4Roots is thrilled to be working with H. J. High Construction and looks forward to watching this space come to life!

Arts And The Farm Campus

4Roots recently hosted a charrette focused on developing arts programming on the 4Roots Farm Campus. Participants provided advice on:

  • Art integration and education for teachers
  • Cultural culinary arts community exchanges
  • Efforts to promote diversity and inclusion
  • Developing events aligned with Orlando’s citrus heritage 
  • Providing transportation to the Farm Campus for low-income communities

Thank you to members from the following organizations who participated: United Arts of Central Florida, Open Scene, Fringe Festival, State of the Art Collection, Central Florida Community Arts, Orlando Ballet, Lifework Global, Snap! Orlando, and Timucua Arts Foundation.

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