February 2021


Food is at the core of healthy communities. Food that is fresh and responsibly grown; food that is nutritious and benefits both us and the land; food that is accessible and affordable to everyone; and from farmers to families, food that doesn’t go to waste. Like anything that you build, healthy communities require care, commitment, innovation and action.
From choosing food that is local and seasonal to learning about how our food is grown and who grows it—there are plenty of small seeds we can plant every day as we work to build a better food future, together. And we’re looking forward to continually learning, growing and strengthening our connection to the land, right alongside you.


John Rivers
CEO and Founder
4Roots and 4R Restaurant Group

The Tech Chef Podcast Featuring John Rivers

The ongoing public health crisis has brought attention to long-existing problems in our food systems and put a spotlight on them. 4Roots Founder and CEO, John Rivers, recently sat down with the Tech Chef Podcast to share insights into our broken food system and how 4Roots is inspiring people to come together and fix it.

Farm Campus Update: Meet Trip Snelson

We’re excited to welcome the latest addition to the 4Roots family, our Project Director, Trip Snelson!

Trip is an energetic, success-driven executive with over thirty years of experience in fundraising, project management and overseeing sustainable agriculture and conservation projects.
Welcome, Trip!

Partner Spotlight: The Tiny Green Home Exhibit

We are excited to announce our partnership with the City of Orlando, OUC and the Orlando Science Center on the Tiny Green Home Exhibit at the Orlando Science Center to showcase sustainable solutions for Orlando residents. 4Roots will help to maintain thee garden beds at the Tiny Green Home Exhibit and will offer educational programs to help teach visitors how to grow, harvest, and prepare fresh produce at home. Stop by and check out the new exhibit which opened this past Friday, February 12!

Innovative Local Food Solutions

With warmer weather, more daylight each day and an amazing variety of fruits, veggies and berries in season – now is the perfect time to get outdoors and enjoy the season’s flavors, fresh from the vine. Throughout the state, u-pick farms are open for business as strawberries, oranges, star fruit and more reach peak harvest.

30 Seconds with… Rebecca Marshall, Director of Program Partnerships

Take 30 seconds out of your day to get to get to know our team member, Rebecca Marshall:

  • Early riser or night owl?
  • I am an early riser. I like to kick-off my day with yoga, reading, coffee, and walking my dogs… before getting to the day’s business!
  • What is your favorite fruit or vegetable and why?
  • Peppers! They grow in a variety of sizes, colors, and heat levels. They’re are packed with nutrients and very versatile in the kitchen. I love roasting or sautéing them, but my favorite is the fresh crunch of a raw bell pepper with some hummus!
  • Tell us about your favorite local farm and why you love it!  
  • Edible Education Experience! Their gorgeous garden and kitchen house are nestled in the College Park neighborhood, and they truly inspire guests to grow, cook, and eat in harmony with nature.
  • What is your passion?  
  • I love to travel. To explore and appreciate new landscapes, cultures, and cuisines. Whether road tripping, flying, camping, hiking, “airbnb-ing”, I’m always looking for an adventure!
  • What aspect of the Farm Campus are you looking forward to? 
  • I’m excited about all of the outdoor spaces to connect with nature. From the field and box gardens, to the permaculture landscapes and pathways, and the central green where people will gather for markets and events that celebrate our local food community.
  • What’s a little-known fact about you? 
  • I am a black belt in Shotokan Karate : )

Heart Healthy Monthly Recipe

Did you know that tomatoes are filled with antioxidants that are proven to combat heart disease? Take control of your heart health throughout this month of love and eat heart healthy meals such as this Tomato Basil Soup recipe provided by the American Heart Association.

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