Rooted in Health is a year-long research project sponsored by the Orlando City Soccer Foundation, Orlando Health Foundation, and Ardmore Institute. During this study, we will evaluate the impact of nutrition education and improving food access on healthy heart parameters. Education will include a focus on various health-related topics, including nutrition, budget-friendly cooking, and plant-forward meal preparation.  Overall, the project’s objectives include analyzing clinical parameters, assessing the impact of educational sessions, and evaluating acceptance and adherence to healthier practices throughout the study duration. Our goal is to understand how to maintain adherence to healthy food choices. 

4Roots is dedicated to enhancing health food access and nutritional education for underserved communities, who often bear the brunt of chronic illness. Thanks to the support of the Humana Foundation, we plan to conduct an intensive nutrition and healthy food access program over a 4 month period. Education will include programming culinary skills and fostering a deep understanding of nutrition’s impact on their health journey. Through this initiative, we anticipate participants will achieve long-term nutritional security, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes. 

Distinguishing Lysosomal Acid Lipase Deficiency From Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Coronary Atherosclerosis Burden and Progression to Guide Clinical Decision-Making

Dietary Protein and Its Associations with Cardiovascular Health

Association of sleep duration and insomnia with metabolic syndrome and its components in the Women’s Health Initiative

Controversial Dietary Patterns: A High Yield Primer for Clinicians

Assessment of the Low Referral Rate of Cardiologists to Dietitians/Nutritionists

Successful Incorporation of a Plant-Based Menu Into a Large Academic Hospital

  • The Culinary Health Institute received a grant award from Orlando Health Foundation and the Orlando Soccer City Foundation to look at how to improve nutritional security in a local community. The project will look at the impact of an educational program. mobile food market and meal delivery to improve long term outcomes. This research project has started.
  • The Culinary Health Institute has received a grant from the Ardmore Institute to look at the impact of therapeutic horticulture on mental health.
  • The Culinary Health Institute has received a grant award from the Humana Foundation to look at how to improve health of low income communities by providing education on healthy eating, healthy cooking and farming. We will assess improvement by looking at clinical parameters such as blood pressure, weight, cholesterol.

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